Friday, April 9, 2010

I entered the Twilight, Twilight Zone

So I went to drop something off at someone’s desk at work today, and there were 2 males (lets calls them Tom and Bobby), me and 1 other female (we‘ll call her Alice) in this cube section. Now Tom is your typical sports loving guy and Bobby I don’t know that well, but he‘s probably in his early 30‘s. Alice is around 22 and loves vampires and the Twilight series. This is the conversation that went down:

Tom: (addressing me) So I saw your movie last night.

Alice: Remember Me?

Tom: No freaking way!

Me: Hey!

Bobby: Is that the new movie with Miley Cyrus?

Me: NO! It’s NOT a Nicholas Sparks film.

Emily is SO NOT Miley Cyrus!

Bobby: Rob Pattinson is like a bad Ryan Phillipe. He can’t act.

Me: Yes he can. Seriously - Remember Me is really good.

Tom: I watched New Moon. I really liked it.

Alice: You did?

Tom: I’m Team Jacob.

Me and Alice: Laugh

Tom: I’m all about the wolves. They were fierce.

Me: When she shifts the story to Jacob’s perspective, the wolves are not as exciting.

Bobby: It was a little much with the naked chest thing the whole movie.

This intimidates men

Me: Well, in the extras the director said there was another take of Jacob taking his shirt off really slowly when Bella falls off the bike, but the author Stephanie Meyer thought it looked like the Chippendales.

Bobby: Was the author involved with making the movies?

Me: Oh, yeah. Very involved. She even had a cameo in the first one.

Alice: What did you think of the Volturi?

Tom: Who?

Me: The Italian vampires?

Tom: Oh, I hate that girl. I was annoyed when she came on screen. But the “hurt” thing was cool.

Me: Dakota Fanning? Really?

There are people who hate Dakota Fanning?

Me: Pain (I imitated her)

Tom: Yeah, that’s right pain.

Tom: Tickle

Me: Laughs

Tom: Wow, it works. I said tickle and you laughed!

Me: LOL. That was pretty good. I have to go….

Alice: Eclipse looks even better.

Tom: When they are finished with the 12 books…

Me and Alice: 4 books

Tom: …they should have a werewolf and a vampire create a mixed baby - that would be so cool.

Wouldn't that be the Wolfman?

Alice: What do you think about Breaking Dawn being made into a movie? If they do the birth it will be like a horror movie.

Me: Yeah, a lot of people don’t want it made because of all that.

Alice: I think they’re right! They shouldn’t make it.

Do we really want to experience this again?

Me: They’ll probably do a lot of fade to black. Like Stephanie did to ruin the honeymoon scene. (Whispers) Stephanie is such a cock block.

Alice: Gasps. Her mouth is hanging open. She cracks up.

Bobby: I’ve been listening to the books on tape.

Me: (In my head - did he really just say that?) I didn’t really like the woman they had reading New Moon, but I got used to her.

Bobby: I think the one I’m listening to now has different actors doing the voices.

Me: Really? I didn’t th…

Bobby: I think so, let me look it up online.

Me: Sorry, I really have to go to a meeting. Tom, promise me you’ll see Remember Me when it comes out on DVD. You’ll like it!

I can’t tell you how weird the whole discussion was. Usually I get eye rolls and am mocked for my Twilight/Rob interest at work, so I really didn’t know what to make of it. I really felt like I had entered an alternative universe.

I was shaking my head in disbelief for much of the rest of the day….


  1. I was in the same Twilight Zone when my mother came to visit. She was ADAMANT about NOT seeing New Moon...but then i convinced her, and she LOVED it! She thought that Kristen was incredible, and that the wolves were cool. Too funny. AND, the whole time (since she had NOT read the books) she was trying to guess why all the guys on the REZ were having a fever...she thought they were turning into Vampires. I was PEEING myself listening to her thought process.

  2. Even when I meet people that are really into Twilight already, it freaks me out. My friend and I met some girls at a Remember Me showing and discovered that 2 of us post frequently on Robsessed. I couldn't bring myself to give her my screen name! It's all too weird for real life acceptance...