Sunday, July 29, 2012

I feel for Rob...and Kristen

Oy vey, what a week. The relationship Rob and Kristen worked so hard to keep private, was suddenly thrust into public view in such an explosive manner.

US Weekly had them married, broken up, pregnant and cheating so many different times that I initially blew the story off as yet another attempt by this piece of crap "magazine" to make money. I guess if you throw shit at a wall enough times, some of it is going to stick.

There are so many disturbing layers to this event - where do you even begin?

I don't know the inner workings of all the relationships involved, but the public spotlight shining on them makes me feel for everyone affected. It's none of our business and yet somehow that doesn't seem to matter in our society. An entire industry exists selling the private info of people making a living in public - because people buy it.

What I find most disturbing though is the crucifixion of Kristen. Our society quickly turns into an angry lynch mob without knowing all the information and without any consideration for the individual at the other end. It always disgusts me, and this time is no exception.

Especially when it comes from women who would have "cheated" on their boyfriends or husbands if given the chance to hook up with Rob. Is anyone thinking about Kristen in that equation? Nope. Millions of people - men and women - want her boyfriend. That is a position none of us will ever be in nor can fathom. How did that alone affect her choice here?

Kristen is already the target of people who dislike her (how do you dislike someone so much that you don't even know and wish them harm??), so this just gives them the opportunity to pile it on and somehow validate their feelings toward her. I'm aware that I only know a version of Rob and Kristen from what is shown to us - and much of that is a reaction to screaming fans, forced interviews, stalking paps and flashing cameras - but unfortunately there are many people who don't get that.

Where is the anger at the parasitic paparazzi that follow her and Rob's every step? The money this guy was rewarded with for essentially being a Peeping Tom is more morally repugnant than anything he filmed.

This is my assessment based on the little info I know: Rupert Sanders was predatory toward Kristen. Months sequestered on a set, the focus all on his star, her interest in the technical aspects of directing, him being an authority figure, traveling together for promos. It can be a heady feeling to have that kind of attention, that led to her eventually succumbing to his advances.

Her age and lack of real-world experiences is an excellent excuse for her behavior. She had an unusual upbringing on Hollywood sets. She barely went to school - never dealing with normal peer pressure or adolescent drama. She didn't experience the normal teacher crushes. She never whored around in college like most of us. No one can deny that she comes to age 22 through a very different path than most women.

If this meeting hadn't been filmed, my guess is it would have fizzled out on its own - and dealt with in private as it should have been. My reading on the photos I saw was that he was way more into her than she was into him. This wasn't going anywhere. She wasn't wanting out of her relationship with Rob - she just got caught up in Rupert's desire.

So here we are.

I can't help but wonder if they made the wrong choice in their attempts to be so overly private about their relationship and if this only added to the spectacular nature of the reveal in the public's eye. It would make for an interesting study.

Personally, I'm feeling less excited at the prospect of seeing Rob in person at the TimesTalk event with David Cronenberg in 2 weeks. While I'd be disappointed if Rob canceled due to everything going on, I almost hope he does since I'll feel like I'm intruding on him at a time when he needs to be away from the public.

I hope everyone can start showing a little more compassion and a little less judgment. Empathy is a beautiful thing...try it.