Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BOOTYPEST - bwahahahahahahaaha

Someone in an online comment used the term Bootypest to describe Kristen Stewart's birthday visit to see Robert Pattinson in Budapest this past weekend and I thought that was fucking brilliant! I'd travel to Europe too for a few days if it meant getting to unwrap Rob's package, if you know what I'm sayin'.

Because I have no life, I was telling Mr. B last Friday how it was Kristen's birthday and that rumors were probably swirling about the interwebs regarding Kristen going to visit him, etc. I didn't really think she would fly all the way from LA to freaking Budapest, so boy was I surprised to see that she actually did!

I'm not a big fan of paparazzi shots in general, especially when they are obviously intrusive and deliberately exploitative. Shots at a public airport, that amount to a few seconds of annoyance, don't trouble me quite as much. Like these of Rob and Kristen leaving Budapest together:

And this one of Rob and Kristen arriving in London:

Write a song for me Rob

These photos of them together aren't exactly revelatory to me - I think for anyone paying attention it's clear these 2 are in a romantic relationship. I mean, Catherine Hardwicke let her lips flap and said they were together. She put them together, so that's a source I give some weight to. Although it's pretty obvious without any kind of formal confirmation. They've put people in prison for life with less evidence.

I've said before I don't know why I care if they're together, but I do. It just seems right - how it's supposed to be. Maybe because Rob said so often how he wanted to be with her and I want Rob to have what he wants? I don't know, but it makes me happy knowing they are involved.

But apparently there are some people who really, REALLY, don't want them together. There are those who belive that Rob and Kristen's relationship is simply PR - that Summit is forcing them to spend personal time together in order to promote the Twilight series. Yeah, Rob and Kristen really seem like the easily manipulated types - um, uh, NOT!

While I would love to see a shot of them kissing or something - so I can sigh and go "oh, that's so sweet" - I really respect them for keeping their relationship to themselves. I am so sick of all the fame whores that Reality TV and the Internet haa created, so what a breath of fresh air to have young actors who aren't playing that game. It's obvious they have zero interest in being "celebrities" - and act accordingly.

Which must explain why Rob is the person I am blogging about. He doesn't seem to play games.


  1. Fuckin' shit do those pictures of her make me feel old. She looks like a kid!!

    In all honesty, I don't particularly care if they're together or not. what I don't understand are the people that are mad that they are together.

    Nice post, darlin'.

    <3 JJ

  2. Wow Jen. It's like the Queen came to visit my blog!

    And you are old. But I'm older. So bite me.

    (The fuckers at work have BANNED Blogger - so I can't log in to my own blog at work anymore. FML.)

  3. Banned blogger!! I really hope my company doesn't think of that because, well, I'd probably have to look for another job. Or give someone a blowjob in IT for access.


  4. Hmmm, that gives me an idea....

    I'll have to bring in my kneepads tomorrow.

  5. Just to clarify, I can "read" blogger at work, just not log into my account. Although they have blocked Letters to Rob, labeling it a "social site" - LMAO. They blocked Facebook a few months ago.

    I'm sure they'll be banning access to Twitarded soon, since it's my gateway blog to access all the other blogs. I'm so screwed...