Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Movie making looks b-o-r-i-n-g

but looking at costumed Rob isn’t…

I’ve never spent a whole lot of time watching footage of “real-time” film making – what actually happens on set throughout a day – but after watching Rob on the set of Bel Ami in Budapest, all I can say is WHAT A SNOOZE FEST! Seriously.

I don’t know how the hell the actors can stand waiting around hour after hour, day after day, for just a few moments of action. It’s just like a baseball game. And that doesn't even include all the hours in costume fittings, makeup, hair.

Not fun at all.

But what IS fun are the drawer-dropping, um I mean jaw-dropping (that was a real Freudian Slip, I kid you not!) photos of Rob that are coming from the set. It’s like the perfect storm of period-piece fantasies for me - and I’m sure many, many other Rob fans - who have always wanted their own Mr. Darcy.

I just can’t believe this gift that is being bestowed upon us. I am beside myself with anticipation for this film's release. Not only do we get 1800’s costumed Rob, but we get 1800’s costumed PERVY Rob. Mr. Darcy getting down!


I hope that Rob doesn’t find filming boring, and that it’s just me that would be driven crazy having to endure it. But just to amuse myself, I’m giving the stills of Rob from the Bel Ami set a little more entertainment value:

"Hold on. You have a booger."

Did you stumble onto the wrong set Rob? It's like the burning of Atlanta, Rhett.

Bel Ami tap dance number.

"Let me get that door to the 1800's for you, sir."

C'mon, give me a little smoochie-woochie...

I.GOT.NOTHING. I'm speechless

"You evil 21st century equipment! I spit on you!

"Stepping on horse poop was soooooo not in my contract."

"What am I supposed to do with this thing?"

"Oh, duh. It's rain effects today. I thought I left this crap on the Twilight sets."

"Please God, protect me from fans on the set today."

But it's the pelvic thrust...that really drives you insane...Let's do the Time Warp again!

If I had photoshop skills, Dean would be sooooo gone from this shot.

"It wasn't enough that I am so friggin beautiful in this tux, I had to stick out my tongue just in case I hadn't killed you yet."

I know, it makes you mad when I demand flowers Rob. But, awww, they're so pretty.

"I wonder ... if I wave this over my hat will a rabbit appear?"

"I..don't.. want..you..to..come."

"Move, boys. You're blocking the Sparkle Peen."

"Oh, crap. Rob's Bitch followed me to Budapest."

I want to be the one waiting in the carriage


  1. BTW, you can click on the photos to see much larger Robs. :>)

  2. ok robsbitch- those wer THE BEST captions i think 've ever seen! brilliant!

  3. Why thank you neverthink! If I was truly brilliant, I'd be counting the moles on Rob's back right now - in person.