Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Remember Me #1 Film of 2010!

According to me! Well, and these guys. I have no idea what or who Entertainment Focus is, but they have great taste!

So in honor of this great honor, I am posting the latest stills released from Remember Me below.

Mr. Bitch watched the movie with me for the first time this past weekend (I say first time because he's already caught some more during my subsequent viewings) and the first thing he said was "Rob was really good in that". Oh be still my heart! But he didn't like the ending - because Rob died and that made him upset. Or that's what he said.

I can't get Mr. Bitch to vote in the Teen Choice Awards to get Remember Me even MORE recognition, but you can. Just remember your birthdate falls in the same year Remember Me begins (1991) and you'll be all registered and ready to vote.

Here are Rob's categories:

Movie Actor: Fantasy
Movie: Drama (Remember Me)
Movie Actor: Drama
Male Hottie

And to reward you for your efforts, here's some Rob as Tyler goodness (click for larger - seriously):

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  1. Is it weird that I'm using my own blog to check out these photos? Nah. I'm so past weird at this point.