Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Robert Pattinson Movie Awards and a BONUS!

What do you mean I didn't win Biggest Bad Ass Star????

I’m not a big fan of MTV award shows in general (or any award shows anymore – they all kind of suck big hairy balls these days), so I DVR’d the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night so I could fast forward through most of it. But surprise, surprise, it was actually entertaining. I mean, it didn’t hurt that it was really the Twilight Movie Awards show – with most of the comedy and awards focused in that direction – and Rob in particular. But the skits were cute – Tom Cruise dancing, Stunt Kids anyone?? – and host Aziz Ansari was very watchable.

This is Tom Cruise reviving his career

Rob was especially hot and adorkable. He seemed to be enjoying himself, and Kristen. And this appearance seems to have swayed more fans to his side. On some entertainment site the following day I counted many comments that said in effect "I'm not a Twilight fan, but I now see what you all are saying. Rob is adorable!" Yeah, get to the back of the line, bitches. Rob has enough of us psychos after him already.

Can you BE any more adorable??? Stop it already!

I realized later that night that the DVR had cut off the end of the show (can they PLEASE fix this problem?!), when New Moon won Best Picture. So I went ahead and taped one of the 6 million re-broadcasts they did to catch the end. Work the next morning be damned, I just had to watch the end of the show and see the cast accept the award. Peter Facinelli was great - "fucking see, fucking Eclipse, on fucking June 30th" – but what came after was a very unexpected bonus.

The Hard Times of R.J. Berger? Whatever - just some stupid MTV show that is providing me a conduit to record more of Rob. But wait…what is this…this is some funny shit! I don’t know why I was drawn in to start watching it, when I was supposed to be getting ready for work, but drawn in I was! It’s a raunchy, predictable, high school underdog storyline (with a big dick) - but it works. Check out this show!

Rob gives it 2 popcorns AND a thumbs up!

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  1. YES YES YES!!!! The same thing happened to me! I watched the hard times show and LOVED IT! I set it up to record. What an unexpected surprise!