Thursday, June 3, 2010

He's almost TOO beautiful

These were the words spoken by a straight male friend of mine. About Rob.

Yes, Rob, you are TOO beautiful!

A group of us were at brunch and my friend gave me The New Moon Movie Companion for my birthday gift, and I was flipping through looking for pictures of Rob to drool on. I stopped to show off a picture that was particularly orgasm inducing and my friend looked at it and said "Oh, is that the one you like? Wow, he's almost TOO beautiful." I so wish Rob had been there to hear that.

Rob is always saying that because Bella describes Edward from her perspective, it's impossible for anyone to live up to her description of him. Which is why he didn't even try to portray him as some perfect specimen.

But guess what Rob? Turns out you are exactly what you were trying not to portray. Too Perfect. Too Beautiful. Too Ironic, huh?

Guess what else? Edward really likes Mimosas.

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