Friday, March 12, 2010

Remember Me this...

I have some post ideas I had been planning to start doing this week, but I was too busy trying to avoid Remember Me spoilers. Seriously. And it resulted in a major fail.

I'm not absolutely, positively certain what the ending of the film will be, but I have a pretty good idea because of assholes leaking information. Starting with Matt Lauer. Douchebag just had to mention the year the story takes place in his interview with Rob on The Today Show?

Keep your mouth shut from now on, DOUCHEBAG!

Now I'm no rocket scientist, or even a water-powered-rocket scientist for that matter (remember those things when you were a kid? So cool!), but even I could figure out the ending with THAT information.

Now I need to buy one

In this time of insta-technology, it's pretty much impossible to avoid hearing about anything going on in the world. And if you are an Internet and pop-culture whore like me, it's virtually unavoidable. I probably should have gone on Internet and TV lockdown the last few weeks, but I would have needed methadone for the withdrawals. But I shouldn't have had to avoid Rob interviews - I was NOT expecting spoilers within those. That's really inexusable.

What I should have done

In the last few days, I also couldn't resist checking out Rotten Tomatoes to see how the critics were rating the film. Sadly, it is not faring well. Which makes me sad for Rob. And makes me want to smack some movie critics. And what's with the word "jejune" they keep using to describe Rob's movies? What ass did they pull THAT out of?

In any case, I am really, really, excited for Remember Me tonight. Because even if it sucks, it will mean seeing Rob playing a regular character. Actually, I'm excited because I get to SEE ROB period!! On the BIG SCREEN!!!

Even though I first became aware of Rob in Twilight, it was his interviews that got me into HIM. And the little teasers out there showing his musical abilities has left me salivating for more. So whatever movie he is in or whatever kind of music he makes, I'm all about The Rob. Critics be damned!

And after I see the movie tonight, I cannot wait to go back and read all the posts and reviews I've been trying to avoid all week. It's been torture! Thanks for nothing, you spoiler twats.


  1. OME, you've totally described what I feel! I've been avoiding spoilers all week, for once resisting temptation to read everything Remember Me related, and some stupid jerk on Twitter couldn't refrain from blurting it all out! I'm PISSED!

  2. I really have hated matt lauer for a long time, now it is taken to a whole 'nother level!

    I was very lucky to have missed all of that. All I new about Remember Me was the one preview I saw. I am so glad because I got to enjoy it with a purity.

    Now I want to know what sick pervert designed the "water powered space rocket" to market it to kids. That is worse than Joe Camel.