Monday, March 1, 2010

Jimmy Fallon's female staff are HOT and bothered!

No one is immune...

Jimmy isn't the only one bothered by Rob

From Jimmy Fallon's show page:

Tonight's Guest: Robert Pattinson

Posted by Sara Schaefer March 1, 2010 12:30 PM

I'm not going to lie: every girl on staff today is dressed to the NINES. Hair curled, nails did, lots of perfume, wearing something other than our usual hooded sweatshirts and jeans. There's excitement in the air. Dare I say, LOVE is in the air? That's because there's a very special guest on the show tonight. ROBERT PATTINSON! THE Robert Pattinson. Robert "Is Bothered" Pattinson. Mr. Twilight himself. Robert "International man of vampire mystery" Pattinson. RPattz. Robert "Perfect Gentleman" Pattinson. Robert "Loves dogs and probably also children" Pattinson. Robert "Starring in the upcoming movie Remember Me" Pattinson. Mr. Sara Schaefer.

Sorry Taylor Lautner, we really really love you, but just for today, it's TEAM EDWARD UP IN THIS B*TCH!

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