Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rob survives the Black Carpet. I didn't.


I was sitting on my ass watching the live feeds of the Breaking Dawn premiere from L.A. last night and I am still exhausted from just VIEWING the event. I can't believe what they do to Rob at these things.

Dean, hold me.

From the second he steps out of the car, he is thrown into the undulating, screaming masses, wielding a Sharpie like a sword - slashing his way through all kinds of items to autograph, while commandeering cameras and phones like a techie. (At one point he seemed to stop, take and keep an orange poster from a fan. Anyone know the scoop on that?)

He was asked if he has carpal tunnel from all the signing. He said it's made his hand stronger. Er...

Rob has said that he's had to create an alter ego to deal with the surreal experience of these kinds of events, and it's not a surprise. You can't remain sane and be the object of this insanity. Holy shit. He barely had a moment to nervously run his hand through his hair every so often.

He is constantly surrounded by an entourage who have varying degrees of responsibility to protect him, move him along and attend to his needs. Where Rob went, there were his managers, security and that bitchy Summit lady who cuts off interviews mid-sentence (although she seems to have mellowed a bit).

Who are you and hurry up, I have 3 seconds.

One minute he is with the fans, and then someone grabs him to pose for the paps, and then he's back to the fans, and then doing an interview, then grabbed back and thrown together with Kristen for a photo op, and then he has 12 mics shoved in his face at once while trying to hear and answer inane questions over the noise, and then back to an interview, only to start autographs again. Whew.

What will I miss most about being Edward? Not your assinine questions.

I thought the poor boy was going to lose an arm or two. Do they coordinate with each other on these things? What if, OMG, Nick and Stephanie had bad timing and pulled him in 2 directions at the same time? #shudders.

The rest of this photo is hidden because his arms are hanging out of the sockets.

It's not the fans Dean (the bodyguard) needs to protect Rob from, it's his freaking managers!

Nick is pulling on Rob's leg, out of the shot.

At one point I thought his head was surely spinning around as he was moved so quickly from one direction to another. How about you leave him in one place and let everyone come to HIM?! Jeez...fucking crazy shit. No wonder he looks constantly bewildered. He might as well be in a mosh pit.

But then out of the chaos and insanity, comes shots like this. And it all makes a little more sense.

(Photos pilfered mostly from Robsessed)

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