Friday, August 5, 2011

Where Rob was on breaks from filming Cosmopolis

On vacation with us!

Rob was in awe at his first glimpse of Niagara Falls!

I had to wait a while to post this, to prevent hoards of fans from finding him during his time with us. And this was hard to do, you know, since I am usually a really timely and prolific blogger, eager to get posts up...#sarcasm.

Now you might say this is Mini Edward, but in our home he is called Rob. As in "Did you remember to bring Rob?" "Oh, crap, Rob is melting on the dashboard." "I took that turn a little sharp. Catch Rob! He's flying your way!". "Don't drop Rob in the Falls!".

Rob's permanent perch...

on the car dashboard. He's a very relaxed passenger.

Mr. Bitch is jealous of Rob, but he was surprisingly accommodating in having Rob tag along for our 10th anniversary trip. I still can't convince him that I had no idea Rob was going to be in Toronto when I planned our trip - I doubt I ever will. ("Oh great. This is supposed to be a romantic, anniversary trip that just so happens to be where Rob is??? And this was just a coincidence???")

Still, he eventually got over it and even carried him around in his back pocket!

It certainly was hard though to keep Rob contained at the Falls. He was all over those things!

He kept diving into the falls - frontwards

and backwards.

Rob had the brilliant idea to steal our thermos and turn it into a barrel.

But he wowed the crowd most when he zipped down the tram line.

Getting this shot right got lot of chuckles from tourists, I must admit

After all this excitement, it was sadly time to take Rob back to Toronto, so he could hang out on his hotel balcony with Bear.

We did visit with Rob one last time. He met us at the Starbucks across from The Hazelton Hotel, where it was rumored he was staying. He didn't confirm if that was his hotel or not, but I guessed it wasn't.

Mr. Bitch though thought he was with the CIA and that we were on a covert mission to spot Rob in Toronto at every turn. Even after I resigned to not running into Rob on set or otherwise, Mr. Bitch kept insisting we stalk, and stalk some more.

Go figure...

And to wrap everything up, a few days after our trip, Mr. Bitch came home with this, 1st Edition gift:

Guess we'll be having a movie date night...


  1. Cool! I also must mention that your DH has nice elbows [well, I only saw one in the picture, but I assume they are both nice.]

    At least you got to be in the same location & possibly share some of the same air as the HHH!

  2. Oh crap, my secret is out. I married Mr. Bitch for his sexy elbows. :>) Actually, those suckers are boney. Can't tell you how many nights they've left me bruised. Kind of like the Breaking Dawn honeymoon scene, without the hotness. I'll be sure to let him know his elbows have a fan - can't wait to see his reaction, lol. Thanks!

    I think it might have been worse knowing Rob was nearby, but that I couldn't find him. Kinda torturous, actually. Sigh...