Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Robert vs. Robert

It's Robert Pattinson vs. Robert Downey Jr. in E!'s King of Summer contest. It started out with several other rounds of celebrities and now it's down to these two. I do like me some Robert Downey Jr., but he's never inspired me enough to blog about him.

Voting ends soon, so let's get Rob another meaningless victory to annoy others. (Hey, at least I didn't bother you with this one until the Final 2.)

From the E! site:

Wow, this is just shocking. Shocking!

Some actor by the name of Robert Pattinson has made it all the way to the finals of our King of Summer Tournament. Really, we're just beside ourselves. This "underdog" managed to take down...

Leonardo DiCaprio, star of the summer's biggest movie, Inception, with 58 percent of the vote. But will he be able to repeat that performance against Robert Downey Jr.? RDJ's charms have proven themselves to be very powerful over the years, and he used them to easily move past Eminem in the previous round, 55 percent to 45 percent.

So who had the best summer?

Here it is, the final matchup.

Vote Here!

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