Monday, September 20, 2010

Bloggus Interruptus - not that it will make much of a difference

I know, I'm not the most prolific blogger. Face it, I suck. But work is getting into the "busy" season and I have to move to a new place by November 1 - so something's gotta give, and it's gonna be Rob. And Netflix. Netflix Instant Play is the Devil.

There's a reason Netflix's color theme is RED!

I'm trying to trick myself about the urgency of my situation by making some official declarations to put a halt to all frivolity. I put my Netflix account on hold and am going to stay away from the Internet.

(Yeah right.)

And Fall TV Season? Arghhhh. Why, why, why...?

All this shit is like crack! I literally brought my laptop into the laundry room this weekend because I couldn't be down there for an extended period knowing there was a movie I could be watching. That's fucked up.

I have a Pepsi machine in my laundry room. Don't you?

But due to my other addiction - shopping - I have like 3 houses worth of crap to go through and pack/toss/sell. It's daunting. Especially for a procrastinator.


Arrivederci (I watched Letters to Juliet yesterday, and then just had to watch Under the Tuscan Sun because I needed more Italian countryside. See why I get nothing done?).

I'm sure I won't be gone too long, because who can stay away from this?


  1. Stay away from the internet? Is such a thing possible? Won't your computer get lonely? Will your collection of Robporn waste away with nobody drooling over it daily?

    You are obviously a stronger woman than I am. I just couldn't do it (nor do I want to). But I hear ya, it all takes time. Time I'm sure none of us really have... but we make time for Rob, cuz well, he's Robert Pattinson. Nuf said.

    Good luck with work, the move and purging of closets! We'll be back whenever you are!

  2. Oh nos! I hear ya, though. So much to do around here too.
    Miss you till you get back!

  3. My husband said whatever isn't packed will be left on the curb, so desperate times call for desperate measures!

    And if I lose my job, he said Rob would have to support me.

    Hey, wait a sec...

    Thanks ladies - wish me luck (and strength).

  4. Netflix instant IS the devil. I've whittled away many hours watching shit that I would never have watched otherwise. Because it was just there.

    Good luck with everything!!