Thursday, February 25, 2010

Or did she?

So yesterday I accused Kristen of not having appropriately pedicured feet at the ELLE Fashion Awards here

and then last night I saw this:

Kristen's feet at the BAFTA Awards.

If you are a psycho like me, you will CTRL + your way to examining her feet closer and lo and behold, it does appear that she has clear polish on at the BAFTAS.

So this begs the questions - could it just be that she has ugly toenails? That her pedicure wore off by the next day? That no amount of salon assitance can make her feet look open-toe ready? Or was it just a bad pedicure? Maybe she needs a color instead of clear?

Whatever the case may be, I will be checking myself into a psych ward now, because I clearly need some help.


  1. The first image was actually edited by some spiteful cow on LiveJournal. The original can be found on Wikifeet, and her feet are flawless. Out of all the actresses out she seems to pay the most attention to her hands and feet, you'll rarely even see her with chipped nail polish. She is always immaculately pedicured and manicured, and has the cutest feet in Hollywood; which is why she was chosen as the lead female 'muse' in The Big Shoe (a story of a shoe designer with a foot fetish who loses his spark but regains it due to Kristen's feet!) - so it goes without saying that she's got some damn pretty feet. But yeah, that first image was doing the rounds of spiteful haters websites for a while. You might want to correct this post, for your own image sake, as anyone who knows K-Stew's toes will be rolling their eyes and thinking you silly! :P

    1. Hmmm, so you believe that someone altered a red carpet photo to make Kristen Stewart's feet LOOK bad and you are rolling your eyes at me and think I'm silly? Well, I did write this blog so that automatically puts me in that category but what's your excuse?

      Since it appears that foot film won't be made now, I guess they figured out Kristen really does have ugly feet and couldn't get financing?

      I admit most feet oooog me out, so I guess I'm an Anti-Foot Fetishist, but remove this post and miss out on golden comments like yours? How else would I have discovered the true depth of the foot fetish community and the gem that is WikiFeet?? Oh no, no, no, this post is staying!