Sunday, January 9, 2011

Robert Pattinson 2011 Calendar Giveaway!

Damn you, Groupon.

Here I am, now in POST-moving hell. (How the fuck do people work and move and set up a house and have time to take a shower?) But Groupon just had to offer a Shutterfly deal of two calendars for the price of one last week. Except I thought I could make 2 DIFFERENT calendars. Um, no.

So I used half of my precious Sunday last weekend to put together a Rob calendar - before freakin January is over. What a pain in the ass. For some reason my laptop - clueless as I am - has been saving my Rob photos in recent times as bitmaps instead of jpegs. And since Shutterfly only takes jpegs - and I didn't have time to rectify the problem - I wasn't able to use some photos I was planning on putting in the calendar.

But...I just got it in the mail and this thing came out FUCKING GORGEOUS! And I have an extra...

Screw those "professional" Rob calendars that have only ONE giant photo of Rob per month. MY calendar has many Robs per month. Let's just say this works out much, much better.

Trust me. If you are reading this blog, you want this one two of a kind calendar.

Although it's hard to make Rob G-Rated, since he's just naturally XXX, I kept the calendar work and kid safe. This would have been a WHOLE different piece if I was hanging it at home.

So how can you get it?

First, if you're not already, become a follower of this blog. Then, in the comments, tell me why you MUST have the calendar. Whoever makes me laugh the hardest, wins!

Deadline to enter is midnight Tuesday, January 11. (1/11/11 - cool!). I'll post the winner on Wednesday.

Here's a looky-loo (click on photos to enlarge):

The January


Lucky Charm

Remember Me

Bel Ami

Now this is FIREWORKS!

Montauk, L.I.

Thankful for you

Now go forth and make me laugh. Please. I need a few laughs. And you need this calendar.



  1. Dammit, I got no funniez. I keep trying to come up with a little something, but my creativity is on hiatus. Probably due to lack of sleep. So, now I ramble.....

    Do kids jokes count? How about that my non-twi friend keeps telling me I look like RPattz (probably it's the hair, though she says we have similar features)? (I don't see it, though I guess we are similar in colouring)

    Mr. NotSmitten has been known to leave me voicemails in a British accent. He even put a present under the tree to Smitten from British Pretty Boy. But my favourite was when I was at the Eclipse premiere (saw it twice back-to-back), I sent him a text saying how amazing it was, and he responded with: "Really? It's two gay dudes bitchslapping themselves over a talentless d*ke." LMAO, but maybe you have to know my husband.

    OK, this is totes off topic, but it killed me when it happened. When my kids were smaller I came home from work one day, baby was napping, so my son followed me upstairs to change and get her. Before I could get myself redressed I realized my son hadn't given me a hug yet, so I asked for one. He responded by shaking his head and putting out the stop hand, and said "no mommy. put your bra back on. I don't like breasts." He'll hate me for that story one day.

    Hope I at least brought a smile to your face with my yammering... :)

  2. I am not a funny person on purpose so I'm not sure I can get a laugh. I must live under a rock because I didn't know you could make your own Rob calender. so now I am very excited. I feel your pain on moving and working because I am in the middle of building an addition(to be new kitchen) on to my house and it's more work than I thought. so I am now living in half my house until completed. I would love the calender to make me smile on those days that nothing goes right. Not to mention knowing what day of the week it is would be fab. All I have now is my phone. The calender would have a loving home and be well taken care of and cherished daily!!! Thanks for reading:)

  3. I would love this did a great job. My. Funny story is this.In April I started reading twilight at the age of 40.I became so obsessed with Rob and Kristen. My husband went to a therapist and told people I was in love with another man.I couldn't help but laugh at him.Also in daughter and myself spotted Peter facinelli coming out of the back of our mall in michigan after a meet and greet.We ran up to him put our arms around him took a picture and walked away. We were so excited walked in to see eclipse and realized we didn't say a word to him!He mist have thought we were crazy.

  4. Wow you did a great job with the calendar and I'm sad I missed the deadline. I'll just have to make my own.

  5. Hi,
    LOVED YOUR CALENDAR! Unfortunately I lost the time = (
    Hope you have chosen a person who has made you laugh, because I read the comments and nothing (to me) was funny.
    Now I run to my calendar Rob.
    PS: I never saw a calendar so beautiful in my life.