Friday, August 3, 2012

Please tell me Rob and Kristen find the insanity somewhat amusing

Rob and Kristen have to be finding some humor over the bordering-on-the-psychotic public/media interest in their love life and the resulting ongoing surge of ridiculous stories and speculation. I've started cracking up myself when I see the far-fetched and constant headlines popping up. Of course they could be pissed off that these troglodytes are making money off of their names. But I'm hoping for the former and not the latter.

Let's see what's been "reported" thus far, shall we (not necessarily in order)?


Rob moved out of his house

Rob told Kristen to move out

Kristen moved out, not Rob

A UHaul was spotted in front of the house

The UHaul was a fake, set up by the paps

Rob was just weeks away from proposing to Kristen

Rob was not weeks away from proposing to Kristen

Kristen and Sanders did not have sex

Kristen and Sanders had an intimate dinner in Germany

The intimate dinner actually included Charlize Theron and others

Katy Perry is considering a relationship with Rob

Kristen wants a meeting with Rob in New York

Photogs got $250,000 from US Weekly

Photogs did not get $250,000 from US Weekly

Charlize Theron is furious with Kristen

Charlize Theron is on set and hasn't actually commented to the press

Rob wants a man-to-man with Rupert Sanders

Kristen's been cheating on Rob since last year

Kristen cheated because of Rob's relationship with Emilie de Ravin

Kristen cheated because she was scared Rob would propose

Rob wants to talk to Liberty Ross

Rob is picking up women in the hotel he's staying at because he has no one to talk to

Rob is in Toronto

Rob is in Montreal

Rob is in New York

Rob is in London

Rob is dead

Rob is staying at Reese Witherspoon's ranch

Reese Witherspoon is counseling Rob since she had a similar experience

Reese isn't counseling Rob

Rob isn't talking to Kristen

Kristen is sending Rob pleading texts

Kirstie Alley is converting Rob to Scientology

Liberty Ross's brother says an affair has been going on since set

Liberty Ross's family denies ever talking to the press

Kristen is hiding out at her parents' house

Rob and Kristen are battling for custody of their rescued dog Bear

Rob is cancelling Cosmopolis promos

Rob isn't cancelling Cosmpolis promos

Breaking Dawn cast is forbidden by Summit to talk to the press

Breaking Dawn cast isn't forbidden by Summit to talk to the press

Rob is dreading Breaking Dawn promos

Kristen is banned from the New York Cosmopolis premiere

Liberty Ross has banned Rupert Sanders from ever working with Kristen again

Kristen got a role in the film Lie Down in Darkness. beating out Jennifer Lawrence

Kristen has not been offered any role in Lie Down in Darkness

Kristen is pregnant - father unknown

Did I miss anything??

What's even crazier is that people believe this shit! And support this crap with their money (I'm guilty to some extent when I click on their sites, ugh).

It's madness, madness I tell ya! At least they appear to be slowing down...for now.